Business Structuring

Whether starting a new business or expanding your current business, it is important to consider your options for the structure of that business. The right structure will not only provide asset protection and tax minimisation, but can also facilitate easy succession planning and cater for the growth of your business in the future.

At MJC Partners, we provide full structuring advice to ensure our clients achieve the outcomes that they want and deserve. Our team of fully trained tax and accounting specialists have experience across a wide range of industries and have innovative solutions to your structuring needs.

Services provided:

  • Full Advice on all structures available, including asset protection and taxation implications associated with each structure.
  • Comprehensive advice on Business Purchases, Business Sales, Restructuring, Buy-outs and Shut downs.
  • Tax law advice, including Capital Gains Tax, and GST on restructures and sales. This goes into capital gains issues that are so often ignored in business structuring and end up costing you a fortune when you decide to retire.
  • Valuations of all types of businesses.

Plus all other areas associated with the structuring of a business, such as legislative requirements and tax compliance.


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