Business Accounting

Look at the website of any Accountant and it will say they are experts in compliance and tax. Having CPA and CA qualified Accountants, of course we are experts in compliance and tax. We will help you claim everything you are eligible for and ensure you are compliant with the law. In reality, however, that is only the start of what we do in our Business Accounting services.

We will prepare your financial information in a way that you can use to help make management decisions. Should you buy the new business car or lease it? Should you take on another employee or outsource your overflow? Insightful financial information helps you make informed decisions.

We talk with your bank

We will talk to your bank about your situation if you need finance. Being able to explain the nature and cash flow position of the business is often the thing that gets lending over the line with the bank.

We are able to help you set your prices, analyse expenses for cost savings and identify opportunities and risks to your business and develop strategies to meet these challenges. What will a 1% increase in profit margin mean for your business? How many more sales will you need to make if your expenses increase by 2%?

We work with you, for your future

We will suggest ways to protect your hard earned assets and reduce tax along the way. And when it comes time to pass your business on to your children or sell up and move on, we will help position the business and ensure you get everything you deserve.


We keep it simple

We will explain complex tax and financial matters in plain English so you can feel confident in your business decisions.

If you’re looking for an accountant that you can think of as a business partner and trusted advisor (and not just a number cruncher) give MJC Partners a call today, and experience the difference between a tax and compliance accountant and a great accountant.

Our Clients Say

“We were a bit hesitant to change accountants at first. Our old accountant seemed OK, but we knew we needed some more help in the running of our business. Kate said ‘what have you got to lose’ and so we started working with Kate on our business improvement.

First she figured out how much it cost us to run our business, and highlighted the gap between where we were and where we needed to be each month. We then worked with Kate to identify ways we could increase our performance – by reducing some expenses and by increasing sales.

We were working too many hours and our job was basically to put out fires and do all the jobs our staff should have been doing that needed to be done, rather than working on the business and doing our own jobs.

By rejuvenating our workforce and implementing targets, parameters and planning, we now have a team that know their roles, and do their jobs great. This has allowed us to focus on building the business. We are now enthusiastic about the business, rather than it being a burden.

This gave us the confidence to move to MJC for our compliance accounting work. Kate checks in with us each month to discuss the business and see how we are going – which is a big difference to meeting our old accountant once a year.

Kate has just finished a restructure that gives us more flexibility and asset protection and has a really good tax outcome for us. We are about to start trading out of our new entity, and Kate will help us to coordinate that.

Kate uses accounting to tell the story of our business and helps us to write what the story will say next.”

Matt Borkowski,
Rangeview Transport

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