Business Coaching

As a business owner, you’re driven to grow your business. But how? Business coaching usually involves a business coach providing a framework that can be applied to any business – and it becomes your job to apply that framework to your business.

At MJC Partners we do things differently, because we take a different view of business coaching. When you work with one of our business coaches, you are working with a Director of MJC Partners who takes on the role of a trusted advisor, providing the clarity and direction required in today’s fast paced environment.

Our coaches have real experience in running a successful business in a competitive landscape. There is no cookie cutter framework, and our advice won’t be strictly accounting related – because they’re not the only issues you will face as a business. Each business will have its own unique set of opportunities and challenges, and we’ll work through those with you, providing tailored solutions.


Take the first step in business coaching

For business coaching to be successful, business owners need to be ready to hear uncomfortable truths and be open to being pushed, motivated and challenged. To find out if you are ready for business coaching, contact the office for a ‘no strings attached’ business assessment.

Business owners are usually very good at what they do, but don’t always understand ‘business’. Through business coaching you will gain improved ‘business’ knowledge and help in implementing that knowledge.

Realistic goals for long term improvement

Our business coaches will help you set realistic goals, and will help you develop a plan to reach those goals. We will then hold you accountable. You’ll have someone to bounce ideas off and gain a new perspective. By improving your business it will grow and you will make more money. You will have the option of working fewer hours, or focus your attention on the parts of your job you love. Your business will run smoother, due to well developed systems, and your business will rely less on you – meaning you can take holidays and know that if something were to happen to you the business wouldn’t collapse.

Our Clients Say

I started working with Chris soon after setting up my business. In a little over a year we have introduced a new CRM, revised our quoting system, improved our cost tracking system and trained our staff in the new quoting system and the critical interactions between quotes, budgets and project management.

We’ve put in place better processes around when suppliers are paid, have improved our debtor terms and now have more meaningful and accurate monthly reports so we know exactly how we’re tracking.

We have introduced an improved workflow management system to reduce the variance between feast and famine and enable us to manage our time and resources more effectively.

MJC have helped us analyse the cost benefit of employees versus sub-contractors and identify the right mix for our business.

Of course they do standard accounting and I appreciate that, but my time with Chris is invaluable and what sets MJC apart from other accountants.”

– Nicholas De La Roche Souvestre, Thermolec

Our Clients Say

“We call Chris our External CEO. Chris helped us redevelop our business plan, which has helped us to really focus on our strategic direction. This focus has in turn brought renewed motivation and inspiration to senior management and the firm as a whole.

Following the maxim ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’, Chris has helped us develop results orientated financial KPIs. By marrying this with a monitoring system for tracking progress towards these KPIs, we have seen an increase in the financial figures, but financial KPIs are just the start. MJC have helped with our corporate governance and strategic oversight across the board.

Chris has helped us take a strategic look at the way we monitor performance and conformance in all areas of the business. This is not a set and forget service. Each management meeting is tailored to our specific circumstances, goals and issues.

MJC are constantly assessing our systems and processes and evaluating where in our workflow we can increase efficiencies and effectiveness. They are constantly trying to identify non value adding activities that can be eliminated.

Chris has helped us with team building and increasing our communication channels, setting realistic goals and staying motivated to reach those goals. I can’t recommend the service highly enough.”

– John Buckley, Buckley’s Financial Protection

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